I have taught Photoshop to hundreds of students in the bay area and have found most people respond extremely well to my style of teaching. I am a graphic designer and Professional photographer with 20+ years experience with Photoshop and am an expert in all phases of the program including the latest AI additions and editing techniques. I teach photo editing, creative imagery, graphic design, making posters, turn images into watercolor art, prep for social media or the web or high resolution printing and so much more.
Levels taught are beginning, advanced and Master classes including images for social media and printing for display. Tell me what you would like to learn and we can develop lessons to meet your needs. 

What students have said

“I hope you know how much I’ve learned from you. Now, I just need to practice.” – Pam Perkins

“I know you will find a good use for this token of my appreciation for your generous help with Photoshop.” – Michael Schneider

“Thank you again for your excellent Photoshop classes.” Airdrie Kincaid

Examples of my work – click for larger versions